round wooden step stool

A round wooden step stool can add a touch of class and a feeling of the outdoors to any home. We’ve searched and found the round wooden step stools featured below which are handcrafted and built by expert craftsmen.

Round Wooden Step Stool

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1. Solid Wood Black Walnut Step Stool:

round wooden step stool

This attractive round wooden step stool is handmade from American black walnut trees from the Midwest. The wood is first cut and then sanded for a one-of-a-kind rustic look. It’s then covered in several layers of high grade polyurethane, bringing out the rich and unique colors of the black walnut tree. The top is a spacious 12 inches wide, and the stepping stool stands 10 inches tall. Since each stool is made after ordering, it takes between two and three weeks to deliver. However, you know you are getting a quality product built just for you. For ordering information and to purchase, click here.

2. Oak Round Step Stool:
round wooden step stool

This gorgeous round wooden step stool is made of solid red oak and is custom built. It holds up to 300 lbs, and measures 10 inches high and 12 inches in diameter at the top. The stain is the natural red oak wood covered in layers of polyurethane. Because is it built at the time of ordering, it takes between 11 and 15 days for delivery. Click here to order.

3. Antique Finish Wooden Stepping Stool:

round wooden step stool

Built from solid wood, this round wooden step stool is handcrafted at the time of purchase. The wood is then painted black with the distress details afterward. It holds up to 300 lbs and measures 12 inches wide and 10 inches tall. The delivery time is between two and three weeks after ordering. Click here to purchase and order.

4. Limited Edition Round Walnut Sapwood Top Stool

This attractive limited edition round step stool is features angled legs and holds up to 300 lbs. It has a clear polyurethane coating for ensured longevity. Top measures 12 inches wide and it is 4 inches tall. Click here to buy.


All of the round wooden step stools featured in this post are one-of-a-kind and will last for years to come. For even more options, visit this page. We also feature other quality stepping stools in our articles, 4 Inch High Step Stool, 6 Inch High Step Stool, Wooden Step Stools for the Kitchen, and Bedroom Step Stools for Adults, as well as the other posts listed on the sidebar of this page.

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