cute step stools for adults

Cute step stools for adults can add style to any room while being useful at the same time. In this post, we highlight five step stools for adults that can do not only help you reach that shelf, but also look great as well.

Five Cute Step Stools for Adults

These stepping stools are designed primarily for adults. For more information or to purchase, you can click on the photos or on the links in the descriptions. For up to date pricing, scroll over the first photo of each step stool.

1. French Today’s Menu Two Step Decorative Step Stool 

cute step stool for adultsdecorative step stools for adults

This decorative step stool features a french menu on the steps. It is hand crafted and measures 12 inches wide by 13 inches tall by 12 inches deep. With its unique look, it would be a great addition to any home decor. Click here to purchase.

2. Parisian Cafe Decorative Stepping Stool
cute step stools for adults

This attractive stepping stool has decorative cafe images on the steps. It is painted and handcrafted by expert artisans. It measures 13 inches tall by 12 inches deep and 12 inches wide. Click here to buy now.

3. Walnut Conductor Step Stool 

wooden step stool for adults

This sturdy wooden step stool with a walnut finish is 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide by 12 inches deep. It features a cut out handle at the top that makes it easy to carry. It is one of the best-selling stools on with great ratings. It also comes in espresso and natural. Click here to purchase.

4. Pink Parisian Wooden Step Stool and Chic Roses Crackled Step Stool


cute step stools for adultsstep stool with flowers

These two beautiful stools both measure 12 inches long by 13 inches tall by 12 inches wide and are hand painted and crafted. The Pink Parisian stool features pink roses and the Chic Crackled stool features flowers in vases with crackled painted surfaces. Click here to buy the Pink Parisian Step Stool and here for the Chic Crackled Stepping Stool.

5. Frenchi Home Furnishing Step Stool
cute step stool for adults

This elegant decorative step stool comes in white, black, light blue, and light purple. Dimensions are 15.6 inches by 13.4 inches by 16.2 inches. It is easy to assemble and sturdy. As as added bonus, it has a compartment under the top step. Click here to purchase.


In this list, we features five cute step stools for adults that are sure to add beauty to the decor of any room. To see even more styles and options, please visit this page.

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