4 inch high step stool

A 4 inch high step stool is ideal for when you need that extra height, but not so high that it’s difficult to climb. These stepping stools will be either made of wood or plastic and will have high weight limits. In this post, we feature six high quality 4 inch high step stools that have been rated highly by users.

4 Inch High Step Stools

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1. Maple Stain Red Oak Solid Wood Step Stool:

4 inch high step stool4 inch high stepping stool

Made in the USA, this solid wood 4 inch high step stool is built to last! Measuring 9 inches by 14 inches, it is perfect for getting on that lounge chair or climbing in and out of bed. Its quality craftsmanship is one of the main reasons it is so highly rated by consumers, and it color makes it blend in with other furniture. Click here to purchase.

2. Non Slip Bathroom 4 Inch Stepping Stool:

4 inch high step stool bath

Getting in and out of the bathtub or shower has never been easier with this Ideaworks Step. It has a 418 pound weight capacity, rubber footing, and safety platform. It is 20 inches wide, by 16 inches deep and almost 4 inches tall, which is perfect for the bathroom. Because of its low profile, this step stool can also be used in other parts of the home. It is also stackable, with each additional step adding 2 inches to the overall height. Click here to buy.

3. Poplar Hardwood Bedside 4 Inch Step Stool in Maple Stain:

4 inch high step stool4 inch high wood step stool

This unique 4 inch step stool is built specifically for bedrooms. Made in the USA of poplar hardwood, this heaving duty stepping stool measures 9 inches wide and 30 inches long and works for both children and adults. The manufacturer recommends adding tread strips if you plan to use it with socks. Weight limit is at least 400 lbs. Click here to purchase.

4. Poplar Wood 4 Inch High Step Stool (5 Stains Available)

4 inch high step stool

4 inch high step stool

Made of quality 3/4 inch thick poplar hardwood, this wooden step stool is 9.25 inches wide, 14 inches long, and 4.5 inches tall. Available in walnut, maple, natural, distressed, or chic stains, this versatile stepping stool is handcrafted in the USA. It can be used in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and any other area around the home by both kids and adults. It holds weights of at least 350 lbs. Click here to buy.

5. Weather Resistant 4 Inch Step Stool:

 4 inch high step stool

The final 4 inch high step stool on our list is one that is made for both indoors and outdoors. Because of the slip-resistant mat, it is perfect for entryways. It is 19.2 inches wide and 15.5 inches long and supports up to 440 pounds and has rubber footing to prevent the step stool from slipping. Click here to purchase.


With their low profile, 4 inch high step stools meet a need in homes that most other stepping stools can’t. Whether is getting in and out of bed, climbing on to a lounge chair or recliner, getting in and out of the shower, or to enter the home, these stepping stools offer help without the extra height. In this post, we featured five highly rated 4 inch high step stools that have proven to last.

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